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So do you have your supplies all organized?

What style have you decided to go with? I think you will love that you can adapt your personal style and still use the basic construction.

If this is your first time to take a class with me, let me share a couple of things:

1. My goal is to provide you with creative inspiration - but stay out of the way of you expressing your own personal creativity.

2. I want you to finish this class and feel like you have learned some new techniques that you can use on other projects. As we move through the different sessions, I will share several ideas of things that you may try or do...and show you what I am doing. Please don't ever feel like you have to do any of it...I think of my classes as a bit of a "cafeteria" of technique options! All you can eat...and something for everyone!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email by using the pink Contact Jann button over there on the right hand side of the page.

We're going to start today by prepping the basic folio...

Today's session is more involved than our other sessions will be. My goal is to break the whole album up into manageable pieces.

I did push all the way through all the steps today - so you could have the whole context of what you need to do to get your basic folio ready. I didn't get all of these steps done in one sitting.  As you saw, there are several steps that require you to let paint, ink or adhesive dry...so you will have some natural stopping points along the way.

So - go have some fun! I can't wait to see what yours will look like! I have set up and "linky" over in the right hand column at the bottom of the page. This is for you to use to share your progress...you don't have to wait until you are finished...show us your Work In Progress. I want you to get as much inspiration as possible - and your classmates will have some GREAT ideas as they put their own style into the project...so please - link us up and then go and visit and leave some love on someone else's project!

That's it for today! (I know - it was plenty, right! *smile*)  See you soon!

Session Two

Small Binder Rings

I want to apologize for the fact that the small binder rings have been discontinued by Advantus. Scott had them on order for us - and was then told that they were being discontinued. I am trying to locate another source - but it appears that they have all been snatched up once people knew that they were no longer going to be available.

If you were not able to get the small binder rings, know that the large ones will work. I did a little test and we can just change the thickness of our main spine...I will share what to do when we get to that point in the assembly.

I don't know if they are still available. But one student told me that she was able to find some at her local Tuesday Morning. Inventory varies from store to store - but it would be worth a trip to see if yours has them.

Please send me an email if you locate any - and I will share it with the rest of the class.

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