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Today, we are going to start building our base pages. I've designed five different styles - but even those can be used in a variety of ways. I will show you a few of my ideas when we begin to decorate them...but that comes later.  For now, let me show you how to create these five styles...then you can pick and choose which ones you want in your book. You will need 25 base pages - if you are doing a daily diary of your December activities. I suggest you make a few extra - in case something "goes awry" and you need an extra - or you need a couple of pages for a single day...or you want to continue documenting your December past Christmas.


One: Side Slider with Top Flap

Two: Accordian Top Fold

Three: Double Tag Pocket

Four: Angled Pocket

Five: Double Side Slider

I hope you like these designs...my goal is for there to be enough of a variety - that regardless of what any day holds, you will have a pre-built page that will work for you.

If you have any questions or problems with your construction - please send me an email with the Contact Jann button at the top right part of the page.

I'll be back next week so we can start decorating...for me - that's when the fun really begins!

Session Three