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Session Four

Cutting Guide - 5 Page Styles

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Angled Pocket Page Cutting Templates

To download the PDF, click the image shown below.

To download the Silhouette cut file, click the file listed here:

I sure hope you are having fun working on this project!

I have been waiting for us to get to this stage. It is my favorite part - when I begin to see how the papers and embellishments I have chosen will begin to transform the basic pages into unique resting places for my journaling and photos.

One of the things that I always want to incorporate into each year's album - is something that is reflective of where I have been creatively during the year. This year - as you know, I have been really enjoying learning a bit about watercolor painting...so I have decided that I will create my journaling spots and maybe a few "focal images" with various watercolor techniques.  In case you would like to do that too, I have a separate instructional video here to show you how I used three different watercolor techniques to create some fun journaling spots. I like doing my journaling spots/tags ahead of time - so that I can choose which ones to use as I begin putting my pages together.

I hope you will try these techiques for yourself. I think they would make pretty focal images for cards too!

I am going to divide our session today into two videos. The first will walk you through how to create your mats for each page style - with a couple of variations you may want to incorporate in your album. The second is focused on doing the first layer of embellishment - making it easy to add your photos and journaling later.

I have provided you some resources over on the right hand side of the classroom. You may want to print out the cutting guide prior to watching this next video...that way you can make any notes about your preferences as I demonstrate matting techniques for each page style.  

I have also put both a PDF and a Silhouette cut file for the Angled Pocket Template into the resources section...hopefully they will help make matting the Angled Pocket pages much easier.

Do you need a chocolate break? I find that having a bit of chocolate handy helps the creative process along quite nicely!

Grab a snack and a drink, and let's jump right into adding embellishments to our pages...

::NOTE:: The Quick Jump Links are not currently working within YouTube. They are aware of the problem - and will email me when the bug is fixed. In the meantime, you might want to jot a note of the time code for each of the page styles so that you can return to them in isolation. I have put "chapter" dividers in to give you a visual clue to hopefully make it easier to find.

Here is a "flip" through of all of my pages - divided by page style...hopefully that will give you some fun ideas for things you can do with your own book. Please share some of your favorites with us by using the InLinkz Link-up tool over on the right hand side of the Classroom.

Finally, I am going to put photos of all my finished pages here for you to be able to refer to them easily.  Please let me know if you have any problems with today's tutorials....and mostly HAVE FUN!

I will be back to share how some ideas about how to create your "date" tabs/tags if you are wanting to put the date onto each page - and I will also be working on a session that uses the stitched insert for the back of the folio. We're getting close to being done!

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Angled Pocket Pages

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