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Session Five

We are going to focus our attention during this session on all of those finishing details that make a project special...the cover, tags, handcrafted embellishments, and the "nooks and crannies"  - those special places that I can tuck all the Christmas Ephemera that comes with the holiday season...receipts, ticket stubs, to do lists, gift lists, cards from friends or even grocery lists.

My goal today is to give you several ideas that you can use to personalize your project.

Let's begin with some tags! I

have created three different

sizes of tags - as I will definitely

need a variety of sizes later.

Three Tag Techniques:

When I have a project that is as massive an undertaking as this Folio Album, I am always looking for ways to do two things: First create a TON of unique embellishments by customizing pre-made die cuts and embellishments into one of a kind focal images. Time is not my friend on these kinds of projects. I need to have lots of options on hand when I sit down - or I will be too overwhelmed to move forward...and I don't have time to create EVERYTHING from scratch.

Secondly, a project like this creates an inordinately large amount of scraps that are hard to just throw away...so now is the time to use up as much of those items as possible.

So even if you don't want to create Date Tabs, I would invite you to watch this tutorial

anyway...because the

focus of it is using up

lots of my "left overs"

and taking premade

embellishments and

making them lose

their "pre-made" look!

Date Tabs:

We are coming to the end creating this Folio Journal...and these last two projects are the ones that you will want to personalize to your personal preferences. I am going to show you how I used my Folio Insertion just the way it came in the package...but I have to say that I was REALLY tempted to cut it down so I could have a couple of places to add "flip-able" elements to this album. I am also looking forward to showing you how I finished my cover...and I will share how I changed what I had planned to do - to what I ended up doing with my cover. I hope you give yourself the freedom to adapt your plans as you work. I always like having a plan - but I'm not afraid to change it to accommodate a new idea.

If you are creating your folio in a similar fashion to mine, with the two binder rings on the flaps, then I think our options are a bit more narrowed down. When the binder rings are filled with pages, adding the Insertion to the front inside cover will really make it difficult to close your album and keep it contained. By moving the Insertion back behind the flaps with binder rings, you will gain some "wiggle room."

The flaps have some prescored bends

designed into them that you can use

to give you up to about an inch of

space behind them...and your

album will still close and look

fantabulous. So, that is where I will

be putting mine  - but did want to

throw it out there that if you don't

have lots of pages in your binder

rings you have more options.

Configuring Your Folio Insertion

Here is the Frosted Film Poinsettia tutorial in case you missed it on my YouTube Channel.

Frosted Film Poinsettia Card

InLinkz Project Share

How FUN is this cover? And there are SO many ways you could personalize it for yourself. It wasn't what I had planned - but that is totally fine with me...and I want you to give yourself permission to change your mind if you come up with a new idea and want to pursue it. You may just love how it turns out and you will be glad you tried it.

This has been a HUGE undertaking, but we made it! I am  excited about beginning to add all the special memories from this Christmas Season. I hope that you love your folio too!

Please give us a link-up (over in the right hand column) to    your album as you get parts of it done...we could all use          the inspiration!

Here are some links to tools I used, that were not originally listed in the supply list. You don't have to have any of these to complete your album - I'm just anticipating that you may want to try some of them later on another project....so here you go!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Is your album taking shape? I can't wait to start adding my pictures and a bit of journaling about each of our December activities. I know I am going to love flipping back through this year's album in years to come. Each year, when I begin decorating the house, the very first thing I do is to pull out previous albums and just flip through them to remind myself how happy I am going to be when I get all the work done of turning my house into a winter wonderland. They also serve as my reference manual if I forget how I had a table display set up in previous years. (Did I just confess to being feeble minded about what goes where in my house?!?!? LOL...it's true - I need HELP!).

I've saved my favorite part of the project for last. I had this idea for adding a "wrap" around the folio that would give it some added support when I get all the photos and journaling into it.

I ended up LOVING how the wrap turned out - I just had to let it "shine" all on its own...which meant I had to not use the collage element I had already created...and I am fine with that. I will use it somewhere else. But, enough chatter - let me show you the fun techniques I used to create  this stunning canvas wrap!

Finishing The Cover