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Christmas Cards Class Info

Have you started browsing through Pinterest looking for great Christmas card designs?

Jann has…and she has created a multi-session class to help you achieve all the hottest trends in

card making…in time for you to make FANTABULOUS Christmas cards for your

friends and family.

Join Jann and learn how to:

            Use watercolor masking

            Create one of a kind cards with Gelli plate stamping (yes…STAMPING…not just mono-printing)

             Produce dramatic backgrounds with Gelatos

            Use stencils with embossing paste for backgrounds with SPARKLE

            Design several styles of cards based on the same basic die cuts…(and never look at your dies the same way again!)

            Use a few tricks to design an easy to mass produce card that allows each one to be slightly different and unique.

            Combine several of these techniques on a single “dramatic” Christmas card – that you will enjoy giving to someone special.


                And much more...

If you have ever taken one of Jann's “live” classes – you know she will help you get past the “paralysis of perfection” and on to the joy of creating. Her goals for this class are simple:  to help remove the mystery of techniques, have a lot of fun in the process and show you that You Can! create great Christmas cards.

This class will “go live” on September 1, 2014, but you may begin whenever you like after that…it is a self-paced curriculum so you can work on it at your own speed.

If you have enjoyed Jann's YouTube tutorials, then this is the class for you.  In the You Can! Classroom, Jann will have the freedom to show you more tips and tricks than time allows in regular YouTube videos. Each session will include instruction on a technique that you can use for ANY style of card…and Jann will always have several examples to share of completed projects - hoping to spark your own creative ideas on how to use the techniques you have learned in your own artwork.

The classroom will also have a place for you to post your projects to share with your fellow students.  Jann's desire is for you to get encouragement from each other…and that you will be inspired by other artist's work as well.

Included in this class:

          5-8 Sessions

          Exclusive video instructions

          Printable supply lists

          PDF instructions (also printable)

          One “start to finish” project for each technique that you can reproduce with products from the supply list.

          Examples of multiple projects completed with each technique – (These projects may use products not listed in the supply list –

               but Jann will endeavor to list products for these projects as well – if they are still currently available).

          Class gallery

There may be an opportunity for a live session depending on how many students are interested. This live session will only be offered sometime during September 2014. If you register for this class after September, you may have access to the recorded version of this class. Note:  At this time, we are not certain that there will be a live session. If you are registered for this class you will receive an email update if a live session is scheduled.


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Class Price


Class begins September 1, 2014

Note: This class will also use a 3x5 Gelli Plate. These are on back order at this time, but a link will be provided as soon as they are available.  One session will also demonstrate the use of a larger Gelli Plate, but students will not need the larger size to complete the "start to finish" project shown in class.


Suggested Supply List

Below you will find a partial list of supplies that Jann will be using in this multi-session class. This is not the FINAL OFFICIAL list - that will be sent to you after registration. This list is supplied to you so that you might begin to gather materials that you may want to use as you follow along with the class.