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I hope you have tried out some of the techniques

we talked about during Session One. We are going to

focus on adding watercolors into our illustrations during this session.

I have done a fun technique called "no line watercolor" as a special bonus video for you. Lots of folks like the great images that they can add to their pages with stamped images - but some are hesitant to use this technique over the words on the I thought I would share a way to use those great stamped images in your journaling but without the dark inked lines. Hope you will try it out for yourself.

Have you joined the Illuminated Journaling Workshop Community on Facebook? It is a closed group, but as a student I have sent you an invitation. I wanted us to be able to interact over any questions you may have - and would LOVE to see your projects as you work on them. If you haven't seen your invitation - just send me a message via the Contact Jann button at the top of the page and I will get you an invitation to the group. I hope you will join us - I know you will be blessed by seeing what some of the other students are doing as well.

A Lot About Watercolor Video

If you have also signed up for The Basics Workshop, this video is a duplicate - but I wanted to give everyone here the overview of some of the watercolor mediums and techniques that they can use.

No Line Watercolor Video

Titus: Putting It All Together Video

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Session Two Videos

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