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                                                The Illuminated Journaling Creative Planner! I am          

                                                 super excited about getting to share this with you.       

                                                 I wanted to have a planner from the moment I  

                                                   started working in my Bible.

My journaling process starts during my study time in the Word. I have tons of pages of scribbled quotes, sermon notes, quick

sketches or just scripture references that I want to follow up on and they are all stuffed into my study journal. On top of that, all the special notes I have made as I have discovered how the paper/pages in my Bible interact with my favorite art products - I have wanted to have those all in one

location. So since I couldn't find something like that already in existence...I just decided to design my own.

I'm sure I will add to it is definitely a "work in progress," but I wanted to share it with you - and for you to have it to work in as you discover things during our sessions. It is designed

to print on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper -

so you get two pages off of each sheet. The

right side of each page(except the cover) is

printed upside that you can cut it

down the middle and still have the little page

labels right at the edge of the page.  With the

current planner craze, I felt like I should keep

it a standard size so that you could just add the

pages you like into whatever system you are

already using. If you don't already have a

planner - I would recommend a three ring binder (I have provided a link

to a couple I would recommend down below in the Workshop Resources.

Right now, here are the pages that are available:

Page Sketch: Pictured above, this page gives you places to note the Scripture passage you are working with, brainstorm your ideas and a sketching area on a scaled down version of a left and right page out of a Journaling Bible.

Margin Sketch: Similar to the Page Sketch pages,

these pages have a rectangle representing the

margin space, and also areas to capture the

Scripture pasage you will be using and your

brainstorming notes.

Line Art Blank: If you are like me, you have

already become a collector of reference

photos, pics from magazines and of your own

sketches. I needed a place where I could collect them all in

one place...and then I had another thought, I could share some of my

line art with you - and save you a step, by providing them to you already on the page designed to collect line art and ready to pop into your planner.

Ink Swatches: In addition to the swatches I do in the back of my Bible, I love having a place to test how the ink pads I have interact with other media (like gamsol or watercolors). Call me a skeptic - but even if a company claims that their ink is waterproof...I want to test it before I put it in my journal.  I like having a reference sheet - to

help my memory out when it has been

a while since I have used one of those

"random"inks I have in my stash.

Pen Samples: Of course, I test all my pens in

the of my Bible, but I like having a bit of an

"inventory"of my pens too. I swatch the

various pens from each manufacturer, and

the nib sizes and colors I have in my collection.

It just becomes a quick reference when I am making decisions.

Colored Pencils: My original plan was to just to do a color combo page. After watching a ton of YouTube videos on coloring with colored pencils, I've discovered that there are some colors that blend well together and others that don't. Also, it was a bit of trial and error to find what colors work well for creating skin tones. I have also now ended up using my Colored Pencil pages for two additional purposes...the first is a type of inventory. Because I have purchased individual Prismacolor pencils after trying a small set, I needed a way to keep track of pencils that I have and those that I want to get. For now, I am using these pages to track that...I can pop it out of my planner and take it with me to the store for quick reference. (I have begun thinking about formatting a color chart for a couple of the major brands - that would allow you to color in the squares that you have, and quickly see which ones you don't - but that will come later.) The other thing I have used this page for...a LOT... is to see how colors will blend together with gamsol. I don't have a HUGE collection of colored I need to create colors that I don't have by blending pencils that I do together. Gamsol is great...but adding it to some colors intensifies the pigment, and for others they become more muted. I have used this as the place to do some trial and error.

And of course there is a cover. I would recommend printing your pages on some heavy that your pages will stand up to some heavy usage. You can download yours down at the bottom of this page in the Resources section. I will probably eventually do a print version - and will probably offer a PDF version for sale as well - but as a Workshop Student, you get one as part of the class! Please let me know what you think and any additional page ideas that you would find helpful.

And the final Printables of the day are... Daisy Line Art and the

Handwriting Exemplar Sheet! This is the Daisy I used to

create the journal page I was working on during

the Welcome Video. I wanted you to have it to work with

as well. I drew this daisy based on a picture I took of

some flowers in my garden this past summer. It is

already on the Creative Planner page, so you can add it

into your planner. You will find them in the Resource

Section at the bottom.

Session One

Session Two

Welcome to the Classroom!

Important Reminder: In order to keep this classroom reserved for those who have registered for the class, there is no direct navigation available on the public part of this website - if you navigate away from this page, you will need to use your browser's back button or saved bookmark to return.  Please bookmark this page or save your registration email with your personal link so that you can return whenever you wish.

Resources: Printables and Product Links (click to download your printables)

Welcome Video

The Pledge Video

Developing Your Handwriting Font Pt 1

Developing Your Handwriting Font Pt 2








**Note:  I will email you the file when I receive notice from PayPal that our transaction is complete.

You can watch our session videos right here on this page, you can make the viewer larger by clicking that little four cornered icon on the bottom right of the viewer, or you can watch the video on YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon on the viewer. These videos are "unlisted" so you will need to access them first here, even if you want to watch them on YouTube.

I am so glad that you are here!

I wish I could be sitting across the table from you. I would love to hear your you came to begin journaling in your Bible (or other location). I want to know your faith story. When did you come to know Jesus? I would love to flip through your Bible with you and hear what inspired you to create what we find on each of the pages. I know we would go through several cups of tea (or diet coke)...and share laughter and tears. That is just what happens when people who have the Lord in common get together.

I know you are ready to get started, so I will let you get right to it.

Let me give you the quick tour.

Your session videos are located over on the left hand side of the page. Please start with the Welcome Video - and follow it up with The Pledge Video. I won't spoil it for you...but I have started EVERY art class I have taught for the past 10 years with The Pledge...and I would hate to break that tradition! *smile* You will then find the remainder of your session videos listed below.

I have several printables to share with you today.  When you see this icon, you will know to look for a "printable resource."

                             I Am An Artist lettering pages mentioned in The

                             Pledge video. Use these to doodle or decorate in

                             whatever way you like - I want you to be reminded

                             that You Are An Artist - made in the image of our Creator.

                             You can find this printable down in the Resource section.

A dear friend of mine, Tracie Claiborne, did the lettering.

She and her best friend, Tiffany, are the hosts of the

popular Scrap Gals podcast.

  Tracie Claiborne

  Hand Lettering Artist

click to visit Tracie's Blog

Technique Focus: Masking

Creative Planner Binder Options

**Note:  I have listed some binder options down below. I have ordered all of these and like them each for different reasons. Since you know how you work best, pick the one that fits your style

Words in the Word Workshop Session 1

I have had the BEST time working on these sessions for you. When I first began journaling in my Bible, the thing that frustrated me the most was getting consistent results with my lettering. It was a totally NEW skill for me...and I really wanted to learn how to do it better. I am honestly STILL learning...but I am excited to get to share some of the tips and techniques that I have discovered work for me and have helped me get better results.

I have chosen to focus on our own handwriting in this session. For me, the exercises I am going to share with you have helped me find ways to vary my basic handwriting. I like having "options" - and I bet you will too!

We are going to cover lots of ways that you can add words onto your pages - things like working with stamps, stickers, your own handwriting, whimiscal lettering and specialty "word art."  I hope that you will find several techniques that you'll enjoy using...and that you will come visit us in the Illuminated Journaling Workshop Facebook group - and share your projects. I know your fellow students would love to be inspired by you - and for sure I know that I will LOVE seeing what you are creating. Please let me know if you have any questions...

                                                                   Oh...and I put a printable down in the

                                                                   Resource Section that you can use

                                                                   when you begin working on your

                                                            handwriting exemplar. (I apologize that I

                                                    didn't use it when I filmed that lesson - it didn't

                                                    occur to me to create it for you until later.) I use

                                                    graph paper for my handwriting practice - but I

                                                    think having this sheet to work with will allow you

                                                    to refer back to it when you find a variation on

                                                    your  handwriting that you want to use again.

Now, GO Have FUN!