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Welcome to Session 2!

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Handlettering Specialized Fonts Pt. 1 Video

Handlettering Specialized Fonts Pt. 2 Video








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Words in the Word Workshop Session 2

Our first two lessons today focus on how to take a font that we like...maybe something we have seen on Pinterest, a stamp set - or even a font on our computer - and break it down so that we can recreate our own stylized version of it with our hand lettering. Being able to recreate it in any size that we want really comes in handy...and once we figure out HOW to recreate it - we can use it anywhere.

The third lesson is focused on ways that you can add WORDS into your journaling with stamps. Obviously, alphabet stamps are PERFECT for this - but I have a couple of other fun ideas that I hope will inspire you to go look through your stamps to see what you may already have that you can use in your journaling.

I hope you will take the time to share what you are working on...even your practice sheets - over in the Illuminated Journaling Workshop Facebook Community. I would love to see what you are up to - and by sharing your process, you will also inspire your fellow students.

Let me know if I can help you in any way!

As I was working on these lessons, I felt like the Lord kept me mindful of each of you while I was working. So many times, I found myself saying, "I wish you were here with me." And I really do wish that! When I got to editing the videos, I sometimes struggled with knowing which parts to leave in and which to leave out...since I found myself talking to you like you were there with me while I was working. I apologize of it comes across as too chatty when I should just be giving you instruction - but it really will show you how much you were on my mind and in my heart as I worked. I pray that you have a great time working through these lessons...and I will be back soon with another session! Blessings!

Incorporating Stamped Words Video

So how is it going for you so far?

Have you started filling up sheets of graph paper with your handwriting exemplars? I find some of my practice sheets in the STRANGEST places!  But one of the things I have loved the most about all of my "lettering practice" is that once I stopped just practicing individual letters, I started filling up sheets of graph paper with verses...writing them over and over and over again....and the side benefit is - that I now have some new scriptures memorized! Bonus!

I would love to encourage you to make part of your practice time writing the Scriptures that you are focusing on in your quiet time. I find that when part of my mind is concentrating on forming the WORDS, another part of my mind and heart are noticing and absorbing the truth of the WORDS that I am writing over and over again.

Some fun exemplars...