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Welcome to Session Two

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Session Two and Three Bible Study Video







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You can watch our session videos right here on this page, you can make the viewer larger by clicking that little four cornered icon on the bottom right of the viewer, or you can watch the video on YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon on the viewer. These videos are "unlisted" so you will need to access them first here, even if you want to watch them on YouTube.

I have really enjoyed seeing some of the pages you have

begun creating in your Bibles. Your expressions of faith are an

encouragement to me...I feel my own gratitude increasing as I see how God is working in YOUR life! Thank you for that...I am so very grateful for you!

I have to tell you that this session has turned out differently than I thought it would...and I can't wait to share it!

I had originally planned to do a short devotional on the Feast of Booths that I briefly mentioned in Session One. But God had other plans...and I am so glad that He did! So...this devotional turned into a Bible Study...and I am going to be honest and say that it in fairness to you, that I will count it as Session Three's "devotional" too - because there is plenty of material to inspire us and I want us to have plenty of time to "camp out" on all the things that God intends for us to glean from this study.

I am providing you a worksheet and think that you will want to download it and print it before you begin to watch the Bible Study lesson - I am going to be covering a LOT of scripture -- both from the Old and New Testament and I hope it helps you to follow along.

I also decided that it might be more interesting to give you something to watch while I work my way through the Bible Study -- so I took the video from a watercolor I worked on while prepping projects for this Session. It never fit into any of the other lessons -- so I thought perhaps it was intended to act as a backdrop for our study. I have provided it in a printable version in case you might want to use it for a tip in - or something else.

Can you tell I am excited to share the result of my study?!?!? LOL I am BEYOND excited...and can't wait to discuss it with you! This is one o those times that I REALLY wish we were able to be together as we opened the Word together! Just know I was thinking of you all during my study and during the taping.

I am hoping that after you have worked through the Bible Study, that you will pop over to our Workshop Facebook group and chat! I can't wait to hear how the study has influenced your Attitude of Gratitude!

                                                                      Much love!

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Session Two

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