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Jann Gray

Author of Illuminated Journaling

When I heard that you were considering doing a Bible Journaling event at your store, I asked if I could send you a little video to encourage you in the process. I believe that God is doing some amazing things within the Bible Journaling community! He is drawing people deeper into His Word and teaching them to love Him with their whole hearts, souls and minds.

I have loved seeing the thousands upon thousands of people who have begun responding to God's Word right on the pages where they met with Him during their personal devotions and quiet times. They are creating a Biblical version of a "selfie." Their illustrations captures where their hearts were when the opened their Bible that day!

As much as I love seeing people connecting with other journalers on various social media sites -- I can't help but feel that they need to find each other in their own community...because I know from personal experience when we draw nearer to God - situations can arise where we just need to have the presence of like minded people around us to help us through that time.

Your store has already established itself as a wonderful resource in your community. It just makes sense for the Bible Journalers in your area to connect with each other through your store.

I know that you will have fun getting to know them -- and they will be blessed by you as well!