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Icons of the Faith

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Illuminated Journaling book

Illuminated Journaling is written to challenge Christ Followers to stretch the boundaries of how they have typically studied God's Word so they might experience a deeper, richer and more personal relationship with God

by lending authentic and creative expression to their faith.

If the Bible is God's introduction of Himself to His children,

a love letter to His followers and an instruction book for

living a life pleasing to Him, Illuminated Journaling

provides a tangible way for us to communicate back to Him

that we have heard His voice, that we are in love with Him too

and perhaps, most importantly, that we want to give a gift back

to Him that is filled with genuine praise and appreciation for Who He is and what He has done for us.

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You don't need a lot of fancy products to get started with journaling in your Bible. Other than your wide margin Bible, I recommend getting some watercolors, colored pencils, tracing paper and a few pens. I've put together a Foundations Kit that has everything you need to begin.

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I have heard from so many of you that the one thing that inhibits you from sharing your heart on the pages of your Bible is that you aren't confident with drawing. Boy do I understand that! It was the number one thing that I had to overcome when I first began Bible Journaling too! That is why I have created One and Dones.

One and Dones are line art transfer sheets with the art already printed onto the vellum. You just place and trace them...ONCE...and you're done. The artwork is ready for you to paint or color however you would like. They are easy to use and exactly what I use in my Live Illuminated Journaling Workshops to help people get started.

We are releasing the first three sets; Botanicals, Icons of the Faith and one called Favorites. Each set has 10 sheets of line art printed on high quality vellum that lets you see where you want to place the artwork on your page. You also get four sheets of graphite paper and a stylus. I wanted you to be able to be able to open the package and have everything that you needed to get started. The only other thing I recommend you using is a bit of washi tape to hold your art in place

New for 2017 Monthly Line Art Releases

called Click Prints! Now there are two

ways to get the latest in printable

line art!

Sign up to receive each month's new

release and save...or order just the ones

you want. With each release you receive eight full pages that can be printed on vellum + instructions.  Learn more

Archived releases will also be available for purchase.

Lots of Bible Journalers also have other hobbies that use products that would be fun to use in their Bibles. If you like to stamp or use stencils and a variety of inks, I would suggest that you begin by adding some clear gesso to your page. It only takes a very thin layer -- I scrape it on with an old gift card or room key card and let it dry thoroughly...then begin stamping or stenciling.

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Clear Gesso

Metallic Trends Kit

Metallic is the Hot Trend Right Now! You Can See Touches of it Everywhere!in Home Décor, Fashion and Luxurious Stationary. Now You Can Add Those Same Lovely Touches to your Bible Pages. The Metallic Trends Kit Gives You a Wide Variety of Products to Work With and Never Ending Possibilities When You Combine Them With Your Other Basic Journaling Supplies!

Included in the kit:

             - Metallic Colored Pencils

          - Gelly Roll Metallic Pens(Gold, Silver, Bronze)

          - Shiny Transfer Foil Sheets

          - Gedeo Gilding Glue (37 ml. Tube)

          - 6" x 6" Stencil

          - Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Paint

          - Cosmic Shimmer Texture Paste

          - Metallic Gelato Colors - 4 Pack + Brush + Clear Stamp

          - 2+1 Multi-Purpose Bible Journaling Mats with FREE Palette Knife

ESV Interleaved Journaling Bible®

Patterned after the Bible that Jonathan Edwards, the 18th-century preacher and theologian, used to record more than 5,000 notes about God’s Word, the ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition features a full, blank page next to every page of Bible text. Created for Bible readers looking for as much space as possible for sermon notes, personal reflections, prayers, or artwork, this edition features cream-colored paper and a durable binding to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

The Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition is destined to set a new standard when it comes to innovative Bibles designed for those who are eager to engage with God’s Word on a deeper level.


     •     Includes a full, blank page for notes, reflections,

         and prayers next to every page of Bible text

     •     Cream-colored paper

     •     Through the Bible in a Year reading plan

     •     Smyth-sewn binding

     •     Permanent slipcase

ESV Red Marbled Journaling Bible®

The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible is a complete redesign of the original Journaling Bible. The Bible text is laid out in an easy-to-follow, single-column format. Ruled lines in the extra-wide margins enable users to more easily align their notes with specific verses. With high-quality Bible paper and cover materials, the Single Column Journaling Bible is a durable edition for anyone who wants to capture notes, prayers, or personal reflections in their Bible.


     •     2" ruled margins for writing

     •     Cream-colored Bible paper

     •     Ribbon marker

     •     Smyth-sewn binding

     •     Packaging: permanent slipcase

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Inspire Creative Journaling Bible®

Inspire is a single-column, wide-margin New Living Translation Bible that will be a cherished resource for coloring and creative art journaling. It is the first Bible of its kind—with over 400 beautiful line-art illustrations spread throughout the Bible. Full-page and partial-page Scripture art is attractively displayed throughout the Bible, and the illustrations can be colored in to make each Bible unique, colorful, and customizable. Every page of Scripture has two-inch-wide margins, with either Scripture line-art or ruled space for writing notes and reflections, or to draw and create. The generous 8.65-point font ensures optimal readability, and quality cream Bible paper is great for creative art journaling.

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Stones of Remembrance book

I am excited to announce that my newest book, Stones of Remembrance, will be released in June -- but it is available now for pre-order. The first 100 orders will be autographed prior to shipping. Your book will be shipped to you after it is released at the end of June.

Stones of Remembrance is written to help you find a way to communicate

to those you love the things that are most important to you.

When I first discovered Bible journaling, I immediately

sensed how important it was going to be to my own

relationship with God. I have loved studying God's Word

as a way to get to know Him for many years, but Bible

Journaling, or Illuminated Journaling as I like to call it, has

allowed me to respond to what I learn in a more consistent way.

And now, I believe that we can take some of the things that we learned from our personal Bible Journaling and apply them to legacy journaling. I want to help you create a Legacy Journaling Bible that will become a family heirloom. Even if you are new to Bible Journaling, Stones of Remembrance and it's companion Workbook will help you share your personal testimony of how your life has been changed from your encounters with God on the pages of His Word.

There is nothing more important than passing along the legacy of God's faithfulness in our lives to those that we love. Let me help you create a new kind of family Bible.

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September's collection is called Faith. 2 Corinthians 5:7 reminds us that we are to walk by faith - not by sight! This entire collection is designed to inspire you to journal what God says about faith, your experiences when you walk out your faith and encourage you to let your faith be bigger than your fears!

Check out all the archived collections here!

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